mnmlist: AGM 17th October 2012

Nottinghamshire Fabian Society A.G.M.

7-8PM, 17th October 2012

1. Adam Spencer (current Chair) opens the meeting and welcomes guests.


2. Minutes from the last AGM– considered accurate record by attendees


3. Officer reports:


  • Adam S gives Chairperson’s report, noting that the society held four rich debate/lectures and there were many highlights. Adam notes Arun’s hard work and encourages the society to thank him.


  • Andrew G presents Secretary’s report. He reiterates Adam’s comments, stating that the society stayed true to the principles agreed at last year’s AGM (i.e. to have innovative events and to cover a mix of local and national issues in our writing and seminar programme). Andrew notes the relative success of the blog/online activities and the professionalism of the Exec.

– There are currently approximately 90 members. However, there is a core of 20/30 people  who regularly attend events. We need to be mindful of the need to constantly attract new members. Andrew also encourages members to write blog articles about local and national issues, as a way to feed Nottinghamshire perspectives into Fabian policy debates.


  • Lee G presents Web Officer report. He discusses the possibility of using Eventbrite to manage event RSVPs and discusses introduction of Notts Fabians email addresses. However, detailed discussion of web activities is postponed until the next Exec meeting.


  • Nicolas R presents Treasurer’s report:

Income: £525 (£50 event sponsorship; £475 in membership subs)

Expenditure: £102.16 (£87 food and drink; £15.16 miscellaneous)

Balance: £355


– Nicolas notes the use of the UNISON building is keeping costs down (i.e. If we needed to use a different venue for events, for whatever reason, it would increase expenditure significantly)


4. Brief discussion of affiliation to national Fabian society and its financial implications (to be discussed by Exec)


5. Election of officers for 2012-13 (results below)


Chair: Kevin Quigley

Vice Chair: Adam Spencer


– Lee Garland

Treasurer: Nicolas Redfern

Exec Officers: Sue Verel, Jonathan Lindo, Maureen P, Arun Chopra, Andrew Gibson, Liz H

Auditor: Pamela Philby (Nominated… to be confirmed at a later date)


6. Discussion of future event themes


  • Kevin notes the intention to balance single speaker events (eg/ Liz Kendal event-style) with more mixed, innovative events. The idea, discussed at last year’s AGM, was to have 4 events per year.


  • Proposed themes:

– Child poverty- Welfare, benefits?

– Technology- energy policy, sustainability, opportunity for growth

– Land Value Tax, alternative means of growth/revenue

– Wider session on land ownership

– Poverty in developing world

-Policing, post-PCC elections

-European issues

-Legal aid

-Economic policy  (including unemployment?)

-Private education

– Maurice Glasman’s return? Helen Goodman in debate with Glasman?


  • Arun raises the Dragon’s Den idea (i.e. have local members give short policy presentations), as example of innovative event


  • Discussion of potential social event.




Secretary notes: after the AGM, an informal discussion between some members of the executive agreed that Brian Parbutt should be co-opted to the 2012-13 Executive.