mnmlist: Audio: The Rapidly Changing Face of Democracy

On the 1st of December 2011 the Society held a well attended and insightful debate on the rapidly changing face of democracy, with guest speakers Rory Palmer (Deputy Mayor of Leicester), Jamie McMahon (Political Assistant to the Labour Group), Tony Eggington (Mayor of Mansfield) and Paddy Tipping (Former MP for Sherwood) chaired by our Nottinghamshire Fabian Society Chair, Arun Chopra.

The audio of the event has been divided into four parts.

Part 1: Rory Palmer and Jamie McMahon respectively speak for and against directly elected Mayors.


Part 2: After breaking into 4 groups, the membership report back their thoughts and discussions on the issues raised in Rory & Jamie’s debate.


Part 3: Tony Eggington talks about his experience as an independent Mayor, followed by Paddy Tipping on Elected Police & Crime Commissioners.


Part 4: After returning to their break-out groups, the membership report back their thoughts on issues raised by Tony & Paddy and all 4 speakers make their closing remarks.


The Nottinghamshire Fabian Society would like to thank the guest speakers for their time and UNISON for the use of their facilities. We thank the members for coming and supporting our the Society and we look forward to our next public meeting in March 2012.

We would genuinely welcome anyone who has any thoughts that they did not have a chance to raise at the meeting, or that they have reflected upon since, to put them into writing and submit them to us for publication on this site; as our Vice Chair Adam Spencer has done. You can submit content either via the form on our Contact Page or by email to our Chair, Arun Chopra. 

The date, topic and speaker(s) for the March 2012 meeting will be announced in due course, after the Executive meets on Feb 1st 2012.