mnmlist: Executive Committee Meeting 2 November 2011

The Executive Committee held a meeting on the 2nd November 2011, the minutes of which can be read below. The primary item agenda was to set the topic for the forthcoming Members Meeting on the 1st December, details of which will follow shortly.

Nottinghamshire Fabians Exec Meeting: Wed 2nd November 2011

  • Next meeting: 1st December- Member’s event


Brian Parbutt, Lee Garland

Sue Verel, Nicholas Redfern

Jamie McMahon, Arun Chopra

Andrew Gibson


Amrit, Adam Spencer,

Daniel Turner

  1. Recap of society so far
  • 55 members, 167 interested non-members
  • Maurice Glasman event- 88 attended
  • AGM- Exec elected, structure of society and events decided
  • Need to expand noted, for general and financial health of the society
  • Dan Harvey and Ian Wilson have expressed interest in joining Exec, although all positions are filled. Both welcome to help nonetheless.
  • Too much time passed between AGM and Exec meeting, creating difficulties regarding planning December event.


  • If an Exec member is inactive, ask if Dan and/or Ian can take on their role. (AG/AC)
  • Ensure events etc. are publicised to local Labour branches, MPs, Trade Union branches and other organisations, re: aggressive expansion (Exec)
  1. Discussion of themes proposes at AGM and December 1st member’s event/meeting
  • Noted that the following themes (which were discussed at AGM) are excellent but  logistically difficult, re: December 1st.
  1. Early Lives: Effect of social and health policy on children/inequality
  2. Immigration/Integration policy
  3. Intergenerational Justice: Technology, tax and jobs
  • Problems-

a) Proposed speakers are not available on 1st Dec and Arun/Amrit would prefer to wait until Health and Social Care Bill is settled. Possibly push to June member’s session and approach Liz Kendall MP/Graham Allen MP.

b) Immigration event was conceived as a public meeting and needs planning, due to possible controversy. Preliminarily planned for March public event.

c) No significant thought has gone into who could present research/speak, although AG noted Intergenerational Foundation’s report on housing wealth. Potentially rich topic for a public event. Maybe hold in September 2012.

  • Several ideas were discussed that could be quickly prepared. A local politics theme was decided (See below)


  • AG/AC take responsibility for preparing March immigration/integration event. (Possible speakers- Mehdi H, asylum charities, Sundar K, Phillip Legrand, Khan/Denham, Matthew G, Philippe Legrain)
  • AG/JM/NR immediately begin preparations for December 1st event
  1. Decision on and structure of December 1st member’s meeting
  • JM noted the referendum planned for May 2012 on an elected Mayor for Nottingham (and 10 other cities). Whilst many members may be ignorant on the subject, a debate will fulfil part of the educational purpose of Notts Fabians and will help inform voters in advance. The immediacy of the issue and availability of two local experts (for and against) is compelling case for holding event in December.
  • Exec felt that the subject should be broadened, as to interest non-Nottingham residents and also those who might be ‘turned off’ by a debate purely about Mayors. Decision taken to focus on decreased levels of political participation, party membership and poor turnout at local elections, potentially drawing on comparative research.
  • Structure: Two 15 minute presentations on Mayor debate, with time allocated for members to discuss the issue (based on a 4 question handout). Two 15 minute presentations about wider issues of political participation, comparative electoral analysis etc. Time for members to discuss. End with feedback/opinion of members.
  • JM may chair, due to knowledge of the issue.


  • JM will contact Rory Palmer (Leicester/For) and Graham Chapman (Nottingham/Against)
  • AG/NR will think about potential academics/speakers on other aspects of the event.
  • Prepare and distribute literature, briefing (including 4 questions) and advert to members/ interested supporters. (JM/AG)
  • Advertise in Labour East Mids, New Statesman and national Fabian society. Put information on Notts Fabians website (DT/AC/LG)
  • Adam S and AC to write up findings of event, re: member feedback on issues.
  • Email members letting them know they can contribute via email to decision-making processes on event themes etc. (AG)

4. Finances

Current Balance: £160

  • Decision taken to set up bank account: Unity preferred/ 2 signatories on cheques
  • Decision to make June-September a grace period, re: membership subscriptions (ie. anyone who joins after June will receive membership from September 2012-13 as well) This ensures our membership records stay simple.
  • Membership applications can be sent to Secretary’s house.
  • Decision to set up a Paypal account, let members know donations are welcome.
  • No alcohol will be served at December event.
  • Whilst there is some willingness to pay for speaker’s travel expenses, due to limited funds we should try to be creative, re: funding sources. Ideas proposed include approaching union and Co-op Party speakers, who may have own funds for these purposes.


  • Bank account (NR)
  • Paypal (NR)
  • Advertise Secretary’s home address, where appropriate: 52 Beech Avenue, New Basford, Nottingham. NG7 7LQ
  • Arrange future subs to national Fabian Society (AC in April?)

5. Website/Publicity

  • Discussion of transferring WordPress site to real website. Domain name possibility:
  • Twitter, Facebook
  • Minutes, December event advert, plus anything else on website (including feedback from events)- Need to populate website!
  • LG able to film events and/or speakers.
  • Kevin and Adam available to sort Newsletter (include Dec event/Maurice Glasman event)
  • Kevin and Adam want to write something on Maurice Glasman event for Fabian Review and/or website


  • Discuss website hosting issues (NR/LG)
  • Send minutes/Dec advert to LG (AG/JM)
  • Think about viability/motivation for filming speakers (LG)
  • Arrange newsletter (AS/KQ)
  • Send review of Maurice Glasman to LG to put on website (AS/KQ)