mnmlist: Executive Committee Meeting 21 December 2011

The Executive Committee held a meeting on the 21st December 2011, the minutes of which can be read below.

Nottinghamshire Fabians Exec Meeting: 21 December 2011

  • Next executive meeting 1st February 2012

1. Present

Jamie McMahon

Brian Parbutt

Maureen Pike

Sue Verel

Daniel Turner

Kevin Quigley

Adam Spencer

Nicolas Redfern

Andrew Gibson


  • Laurence/Amrit/Arun/Lee

2. Finances

  • Balance: £230 (£110 in cash, £120 in cheques)

Plus cash AG collected from December event passed to Treasurer

  • Bank Account:  Exec approved setting up bank account with Unity.

4 signatories needed: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Chair chosen


NR to send Unity form to AC

NR to set up bank account

AC to provide NR with constitutional rules of Fabian Society

NR to prepare budget

3. Newsletter

  • Untimeliness of newsletter noted, re: future events


  • Discussion postponed until Feb meeting

4. Proposed participation in Young Fabians panel discussion on tobacco/public health (cf. email from Amrit)

  • Amrit C, Notts Fabian member, organised Y.Fabian panel on 31st January 2011.
  • Many seats already allocated (88 seat venue) and AV/venue provided by UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies (UKCTS)
  • Due to limited funds, Notts Fabians cannot provide financial support
  • Suggestion Arun attends and promotes Nottinghamshire Fabian Society


  • Promote the Y.Fabian tobacco event through our normal channels (Exec)
  • AG to forward Exec proposal/deliberations to AC/Amrit

5. Reflections on December Elected Mayors event

  • Good feedback
  • Mixed views on whether event was too long/ too many speakers
  • JM suggests less break-out sessions (agreed)
  • Circulated questions should be paired down/limited (agreed)
  • More exhaustive planning needed and Exec cc’d into all preparations

6. Forward Plan: March public event

  • Invited:
  • David Lammy MP
  • Owen Jones
  • Khola Hasan (confirmed, in principle)
  • Matthew Goodwin
  • Dr. Nando Sigona
  • Suggested speakers: S. Khan MP, D. Abbott MP, J. Denham MP, Sundar Katwala
  • Discussion about David Lammy– Will theme be too narrow for him? Should we have a specific ‘riots’ event? What thread connects invitees?
  • Suggestion we should move away from panel structure, particularly with big name speakers (ie. try to replicate Lord Glasman event)
  • JM suggests we wait to see who accepts invitation and then frame the theme/structure (agreed)
  • Theme: Integration, Identity and community
  • Broad theme approved.
  • Diverse panel noted: David Lammy on black community, Khola Hasan on Muslim community, Owen Jones can speak on ‘white working class’
  • Challenges to ‘my community’- link? ‘Living together: Challenges of identity and community in…’


  • Date: 28th or 29th- 28th better for Exec, although 29th is a Friday (therefore easier for MPs)

– Waiting on David Lammy to confirm date/attendance

  • Location: Use UNISON this time. May be issue, re: numbers, in future
  • Uni of Nottingham discussed: Pro- Free rooms/students; Con- distance from centre
  • Trent is more central but expensive (£50/60)


  • 3 speakers plus 1 Q&A session/discursive debate
  • 10/15 mins per speaker


AG remind Khola Hasan of dates

7. Future events

  • KQ advocates big issue/single speaker events. AS/AG happy with events so far
  • JM suggests we move beyond member/non-member divide
  • Rachel Reeves and Tom Watson proposed as speakers
  • London Mayoral elections in May noted (near our next, post-March event on June 13th)


AC to test out Tom Watson and Rachel Reeves for 2nd half of 2012

Exec to discuss fate of ‘early lives/graham allen’ theme and increasing female representation at meetings (in Feb Exec meeting)

8. Website/publicity

  • NR happy to host website- easier to use and pay for (agreed)
  • Cost: £7 for 2 years web hosting
  • LG to video next event
  • AS urges members to post on the blog
  • 2 page online newsletter advocated (agreed): page 1= future events; page 2= excerpts from blog/events


NC to assemble content for web/newsletter

9. Dates of Exec meetings

  • Approx 6 weeks between meetings (agreed)
  • Next Exec meeting: Wednesday 1st Feb, 7.30pm @ UNISON

10. Any other business

  • JM notes Co-op Party prepared to sponsor one of their speakers: Who? Twigg? Balls?