mnmlist: Executive Committee Meeting 8th February 2012

  • Next meeting: Public event on 28th March


Brian Parbutt
Lee Garland
Sue Verel
Amrit Caleyachetty
Jamie McMahon
Arun Chopra
Andrew Gibson
Laurence Turner


1. March public event on integration, race, identity etc


  • Date confirmed: 28th March, 7.30pm
  • Seema Malhorta MP (newest Labour MP) and Anthony Painter are confirmed speakers. Exec happy with two speakers, numerically and qualitatively.
  • Free to attend (although, contributions box on the door- 50pm suggested)


  • Painter wants discuss the Left’s response to identity politics (different from Glasman’s approach). Malhorta happy to discuss same theme. AC suggests Seema talking about Labour policy on integration etc. might be interesting angle.
  • Title- Exhaustive discussion of possibilities. ‘Failure of Multiculturalism: How does the Left respond?’ and ‘Immigration, Identity and Integration: How does the Left respond?’ are two possible options. Some members object to the suggestion that multiculturalism has failed.


  • Two speakers (15 mins each)/ Q&A (15 mins)/ Breakout session (15mins)/ Feedback (15mins)
  • For travel reasons, speakers need to leave at 9pm prompt!
  • Brian, quite rightfully, wants to take a break from door duty.
  • LG can’t make the event, so we will need a photographer!!!!!!!


  • Press will be invited.
  • Potential speaker columns in Nottingham Post (contact: Adam Moss)- 300 word blurb?
  • Amrit used Eventbrite invitation website for Young Fabian Tobacco event. Quite effective.


  • AC&AG to discuss approaches to the theme with Seema and Painter/ finalise wording of possible titles/send out blurb/formally invite MPs
  • JM to enquire if Co-op want to sponsor event (Seema is Co-op member)/ invite press
  • LT and KQ both happy to do door duty (notified via emails)
  • Find photographer (Exec/membership?)
  • AC to record event on dictaphone
  • LC to set up Eventbrite page. AG/AC to mention this in blurb
  • AC to discuss travel expenses with speakers
  • AG to arrange transport and make signs (directing guests to room)


2. Society Publicity/ Online Initiatives 

  • New website up- looking good, although LG wants more material-
  • Adam is running the FB page
  • Exec discuss potential blog posts/articles for the website. AG (nukes) and Amrit (nutrition/health policy) both have articles to go up over coming months
  • NB. Any member who wants to write on any topic are encouraged to do so.
  • Newsletter abandoned, as the website plays a similar role



  • LG to turn Facebook group into page
  • AG/Amrit to upload articles

3. Member’s event, Wednesday 13th June

  • As agreed at previous meetings, Health theme to be pursued
  • Exec agree with AC there are political reasons to focus on the Health and Social Care Bill.
  • AC notes complete lack of support for the Bill within the health service.
  • 13th June is not during Parliamentary Recess! (would it be better to hold week before, during Recess?)
  • Potentially a wide panel discussion


  • AC up for speaking
  • Dr. Ian Campbell and Andy Burnham MP both mooted- Exec sympathetic, although Amrit is unsure regarding Burnham. It is noted the two have a history of speaking with each other and there is an interesting contrast between policy and direct experience.
  • Liz Kendall MP?
  • Anna Soubry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe, mooted as potential supporter.


4. Future Exec meetings

  • April 4th (General discussion)
  • May 9th (Event planning, for June event)


5. AOB

  • Amrit notes Young Fabian event on tobacco/nutrition policy was a success. Nutrition is politicised, such as debate around a ‘Fat Tax’. Lessons from the event can potentially feed into Notts Fabians health event.
  • AG to discuss Notts Fabians structure etc. with national Fabians