mnmlist: Executive Meeting Minutes 11th March 2013


  1. Present: Kevin Quigley (KQ), Lee Garland (LG), Brian Parbutt (BP), Maureen Pike (MP), Adam Spencer (AS)
  2. Apologies: Arun Chopra (AC), Nicolas Redfern (NR)
  3. Approved previous minutes.
  4. Final planning re: the 27 Mar Local Election event (‘Priorities for Labour in the County Council Elections 2013’).
    – KQ to chair,
    – MP & AS to be on the door / encourage membership renewal / joining.
    – LG cannot make the 27 Mar, so suggested perhaps: Arun could record the audio, Nicolas could take some photographs (needed to populate the website).
  5. Apologies from Nicolas, those present were keen for an accounts update at the next meeting
  6. Next Exec meeting scheduled for w/c 15th April, NR to set date according to his diary, so that we can get an Accounts update.
  7. LG updated exec on ‘Feminism & One Nation Labour’ event scheduled for 10 May. Ivana Bartoletti & Lilian Greenwood confirmed. Poster designed.
    – LG suggested we set up an ‘Eventbrite’ online registration to get an idea of audience numbers. Exec agreed. Other benefits: Eventbrite auto-reminds attendees that the event is approaching. Free to register – event free to members. Non-members £2 on the door.
  8. All memberships currently expired. In next membership email, members reminded that this year’s membership is due – can pay online via paypal, or in person at the next event/s.
  9. Exec agreed to move to membership as per financial year, Apr-Apr, on Nicolas’ advice by email. Also, good timing for 27 Mar event renewals/new joiners.
  10. LG: in the planning of the Feminism event, we have received contact from several people interested in setting up a local Fabian Women’s Network (FWN). LG suggested that the May 10 event may be a good time to launch this. Exec wondered whether Liz might like to take the lead on establishing this – if keen & time/commitments permits. LG to contact Liz. Ivana Bartoletti is keen to expand the FWN out of its hub in London, and is keen to provide speakers/events/support etc to local FWN networks. All agreed this was a good idea.
  11. FWN has been in touch re: their intake for the 2013 FWN Mentoring scheme. LG will advertise to membership & on website.
  12. LG: other potential event updates. The Equality Trust can come and speak on the topic of ‘Why Equality if Better for Everyone’, based on Pickett & Wilkinson’s research/book “The Spirit Level”. Though not the authors themselves. KQ suggested a representative from the Equality Trust might work well in a panel format. All agreed to prioritising a big-name speaker event for Autumn.
  13. LG: big name speaker updates. We have warm leads from the offices of Arnie Graf and Jon Cruddas. LG to keep up contact and endeavour to set date for Autumn.
  14. KQ: suggest Vernon Coaker another potential speaker we should approach.
    – KQ attending the Sheffield conference; will attempt to make contact with potential speakers.
  15. AOB. None.