mnmlist: Faith in Politics, with Maurice Glasman and John Milbank

John Milbank, Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics, University of Nottingham.

The debate over what constitutes a Good Society is subject to much scrutiny and is a discussion that permeates outside the Westminster Village, throughout the UK. For some the road to the Good Society was the “Third Way”, whilst others have emphasised the importance of community, cooperation and mutuality.

Still others refer to the critical role of faith and whilst Alistair Campbell once famously remarked “we don’t do God” – faith, and certainly Christian faith and action continues to inspire a number of Labour MPs councillors and activists throughout the country.  Indeed Christian socialists would refer to the faith aspect as a sine qua non of their actions.

So what role can faith really play in helping achieve Good Society, and should it play a part at all?

Maurice Glasman, Labour peer, social thinker & Senior Lecturer in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University.

Join John Milbank and Maurice Glasman on Thursday 8 May at 19:00, for what promises to be a fascinating debate and discussion.

Event is FREE ENTRY at UNISON, Vivian Avenue, Nottingham NG5 1AF.

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