mnmlist: Potential partners or always adversaries?

From the National Fabian Society:

Like it or not (and a lot of Fabians definitely do not), most analysts predict a hung Parliament after the 2015 General Election. What does this mean for Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg?

A poll from Liberal Democrat website Lib Dem Voice found that by 48% to 19%, Lib Dem members prefer post-2015 alliance with Labour to continuing the present coalition with the Tories.

But what do you think? We want to know more about what Fabians think about any potential deal with the Liberal Democrats.

Who would you do a deal with? What are your ‘red lines’? Would you ‘agree with Nick’? We want to know who the pluralists want to work with and where the ‘majority-only’ faction might give ground – if anywhere?

The Fabian Society, Centre: Forum and the Electoral Reform Society will be hosting a public event at both Labour Party conference and Liberal Democrat Conference entitled ‘Politics: Is the future plural?’. Featuring John Denham, Jo Swinson, Jon Cruddas, Caroline Flint, Mary Riddell, Lord Adonis, Michael White, Sir Menzies Campbell and Simon Hughes, have your say on the debate now.

Click here to take our survey and let us know your views.

Best wishes,

Marcus Roberts
Deputy General Secretary, Fabian Society